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What's your preference, whisky or tequila?

Posted 2 weeks.


  • Ci - 6 days ago

    Neither but there isn't a choice for that.

  • Janet - 6 days ago

    Mezcal !!!!!!!

  • Tom - 2 weeks ago

    And no...the best sipping .......

  • Marc - 2 weeks ago

    I prefer Mezcal. Always good. “ Todo mal.... Mezcal!! Todo bien.....También!!!!

  • Tim - 2 weeks ago

    I agree with Frank. If it's between tequila and whisky, it's whisky. But if mezcal is included, it's mezcal.

  • George - 2 weeks ago

    Well, I voted for whiskey simply because tequila sold in the United States needs to be only 51% aguave and 49% of whatever else they want to throw in, to be called “tequila.” The same liter bottle of 100% blue aguave tequila reposado sold here costs a small fortune in the U.S., and that’s for the 750 ml bottle. They don’t even try to sell the liter bottle of the same brand.

    Down here, it is also soooooooooo much smoother, as are the Margueritas! Viva Mexico!

  • Frank - 2 weeks ago

    Actually mezcal is my real favorite choice!!!!!!

  • LAWRENCE PELLING - 2 weeks ago


  • Walter - 2 weeks ago

    Tequila is smoother.

  • Larry - 2 weeks ago

    When in Mexico I drink tequila

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