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Are you surprised by the outcome of the Kinder Morgan meeting?

Posted 6 months.


  • Fred Zillinger - 6 months ago

    Whats the fuss really about? The KM pipeline is insignificant to the environment. Most people in BC have driven over the KM pipeline many times without noticing it. Your favourite shopping mall has a bigger environmental footprint.

  • Jim 2 - 6 months ago

    Public angst seems to be more about protection of our BC coastline than really about the pipeline itself. I think the same sentiment was really behind opposition up north. What our provincial government needs to do is be specific about how to improve protection of our waters....and Ottawa needs to explain in more detail what steps they have agreed already to fund to do the best possible job to protect us.

    Then the public can relax a bit.

    Thanks to Vancouver Sun for continued coverage of this important public issue.

  • Chris Rice - 6 months ago

    There is a span of 35 years between me and my co workers. We all agree that there is no rrason for refinement not to be a priority. Greed and profitability have become the progress of this slave economy. Canadians are liquidity before stability, trade partnerships instead of fiscal responsibility. The Canada that NAFTA dismantled would have seen our CDN$ worth 10x's the US$. Easy economics of per capita resources ratios qualify what i am saying.

    The National Post and the Finanacial Post have openly insulted BCers because of our unwillingnsss to continue to have resources leave this nation while our citizenry continue to face increase cost of living. Refinement is not just an option, it is a step in the right direction.

    Raw log sales are an example of resource liquidation also. On Vancouver Island our raw logs are purchased while our nills are shut down and dismantled. Why? Purely profit based. A few people profit while communities are failed.

    All this before one considers the Native Canadians that have been overlooked in this.

    The whole thingnis a mess. This Prime Minister is a yes man to big money, and social unrest. I personally feel let down by the Alberta Premier who turned on BCers and began to effect them with her bias reasoning. No appologies. I dont know what has happened to this society in the last 5 years but it is ugly and beneath the Canadians I grew up with.

    Refinement would mean regional prosperies. Refinemmemt would mean lower gas prices for all BCers which means a lower cost of living for folks lile me who are on a minimal income.

  • Jim - 6 months ago

    Horgan should suggest they build the pipeline from Alberta through to Ontario/Quebec and ship the oil via the St Lawrence..... bet that would really go over well......can you imagine!!

  • Bruce - 6 months ago

    2 points, 1. Horgan’s referral to his conversation with the Quebec premier regarding Provincial LEGAL jurisdictions over provincial territories. 2. Trudeau looked and sounded like he was delivering a concession speech after losing a federal election.

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