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Do you believe that this weekend's freak ice storm was the result of man-made climate change?

Posted 5 months.


  • MikeDRoberts - 5 months ago

    I guess if we paid more in carbon tax the storm wouldn't have happened.

  • Del - 5 months ago

    "Man made climate change"? What a disgusting false leading question. I would sooner believe that the Trudeau Carbon Tax is ruining the world's climate. His flying around the world with Monsef and barbie create pollution that could be stopped by staying home for a change.

    Peoplekind has no more effect on the climate than Trudeau would do by taking his daycare shovel to the beach to try to stop the tides.

  • Ron Ince - 5 months ago

    19% vote that it is climate change ......19% support liberals 19% eat tide pods

  • Rick - 5 months ago

    I lived in Toronto from 1957 to 2010 and have seen some remarkable weather outside the norm. Back in the early 60's (the exact year escapes me) we had snow in June. I was just a teenager but that stood out in my mind for years to come and still does today. The weather was all over the place, the scientists had us worrying about the next Ice Age, followed by a drop in the levels of the Great Lakes they called it potentially the next drought. Some years it's too hot, some years it's too cold, too wet, too dry. Nature has cycles but yes there is man made warming and it's caused by population explosions in some nations. India has doubled their population in less than 30 years and will overtake China as the most populous nation in the world, Nigeria, Brazil, and a host of other nations with unchecked population growth. They need energy and that requires the burning of fossil fuels. Think about it.

  • Dong Huynh - 5 months ago

    Global warming supports:Be ware of ice age coming .No human back thousand years: there is ice age and warming too

  • Steve - 5 months ago

    Stupid count now up to 257. Wow, just wow.

  • Richard - 5 months ago

    Just proves there are 160 stupid people out there.

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