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Harry Potter and You

These are questions based on Harry Potter - the books, movies, and entire franchise - and how it has affected you. I am taking these poll questions for research on an English research paper.

Have you ever read a Harry Potter book? *

Have you finished the series? *

How old were you when you first heard of HP, if you remember? *

How old were you when you first attempted to read a HP book or watch an HP movie? *

Do you like the Harry Potter books or movies? *

Do you enjoy the franchise outside of the books/movies? For example, wizard rock music, fanfiction, conventions, theme parks, etc. *

Do you think Harry Potter will become a classic, or that it will forever be a children's fiction novel? *

Explain your interest in Harry Potter and why you feel that way. Be as detailed as possible, and try to give examples as to how it's affected you. *

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