These are a few questions about the Stella International film releases

Rate the Stella Films releases *
Excellent! Good Bad Awful Terrible but I enjoyed it Didn't see it
Abducted by the Daleks
Fantom Seducer 1
Fantom Seducer 2

Would you like to see a Fantom Seducer 3? *

What would you like to see in Fantom Seducer 3?

Due to contractual reasons, Fantom Seducer 1 & 2 were toned down and some scenes were deemed too strong and edited out. However, the "censored" footage from the original version appears in the Stella International Versions (Directors cuts). Fantom Seducer 3 could be made with out any constraints.

What did you think of the extras on the Fantom Seducer DVDs
Excellent Average Good but too long Boring Didnt watch the extras Didn't buy either DVD
Behind the scenes
The Blow Job Vignettes
The Star profiles
The Menus
The Trailers

If a sequel to Abducted by the Daleks was made what would your thoughts be? You may tick more than one box.

The sequel would be with a totally new cast.

Did you watch the Alternative Version of Abducted by the Daleks?

Does it matter to you if the disc is numbered or not?

Add your comments, reviews,etc on any of the films mentioned here.

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