What do you think of the blog and the class?
Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
The music is darn irritating.
We should change the music.
We should disable the music.
The blog layout is darn fugly.
We should change the layout.
Class blog is fun.
I love Bio.
I love Widjaja.
I love Econ.
I love Chris Ho.
I love Maths.
I love Ms Yap.
I love Chem.
I love Jolin Kong
I love GP.
I love Ms Tan.
Class blog is fun.
I love PW.
I love Chris Ho again.
I love Chinese.
Tan Yang rocks.
This Survey is Fun.

Who do you think is the nicest girl in the class =) (You can choose not to answer.)

The nicest guy? (You can choose not to answer.)

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