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the apostolic gone wild, pentecostal story

10-11-2010-bobby, said, Jesus, had on his light watch, tapped, its your gettin behind, hollie said, wearing white robe, go, she, said, and lay down, you can do, more tomorrow, hollie said, its time, she, said, tapped on her, its light watch, o, said, hollie coming out, hand over mouth, but, its to see, he recorded, she, said, showed, go, -

the end of the beginning

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an open vision

7-30-2010-I the Lord, its, said, hollie, Jesus, with brown hair, he is, pentecostal, hollie, said, thats woman looking at, this post, she, trembles, it feels like a body your perfect size coming in, said, hollie, its, the Holy Ghost baptizm, thats, person dreading, going to church, after finding out, but LOrd, she, said, while I was, letting, she, said, going, but, asking, you never filled, thats Jesus wiping, chin, then dont go, saith God, cause I wont, you cut off, saith the Lord, -

the man Jesus entered into like a body my perfect size

it took about 7 years of on and off again Holy Ghost baptizm seeking, and one day JEsus came in me like a body my perfect size, and after sometime, Jesus speaks and births and creates, Ministry of Dreams, after I prayed, and ministryofdreams, was hidden till then so dont steal or be spiritual warfared by Holy Ghost till you release, and that will end your chance to be saved, but, you are probably stealing cause Jesus wont save you and you want to make me perish with

the prophetic visions website with the Holy Ghost spoken birthed name


Jesus came in me bob hickman like a body my perfect size when I was 32, visions received 10-11-2010-the Holy Ghost is inside of bob, said, hollie, thats Jesus like, its uh light shawdow, smiling, said, hollie, its, said, partial face hollie, inside of bob, hickman, another, hollie said, showed, her light watch, and, she wore, uh white robe, o, said, hollie coming, out, hand over mouth, it was to see, said, him, said partial face hollie, he shook, yes, he recorded, and I we stamp, hollie said, and out rose, its, pope, hollie said, the beast, on his black horse, showed, go, light watch,

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