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Mummy/Daddy blogger questionnaire

We're on a mission to understand how brands and their PR agencies can improve marketing relations with mummy/daddy bloggers.

Please answer these 10 quick questions - we'll be sharing the results with all participents in due course. All answers are in the strictest confidence. Thank you in advance if you choose to complete this questionnaire.

Do you receive press releases and if so on average how many a day? *

On average how many press releases do you read? *

On average, how many releases are NOT relevant to you? *

On average how you are normally pitched to by PRs/brands? *

What typically makes you read the email/release? *

What makes for a good email subject line in your eyes?

What would motivate you to feature the product/service? (please select up to 3) *

What are the most common reason(s) for not featuring a release? (please select up to 3) *

Out of interest, why do you blog (please select up to 3)? *

Finally, please share with us your thoughts on how you feel PRs and brands should better communicate and work with you in the future. *

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