Dear President Obama, Secretary Sebelius, Dr. Blumenthal, HIT Policy Committee, and HIT Standards Committee: I want my voice heard.

As you move forward in defining “meaningful use” and establishing the standards for EHR certification, I urge that you consider the physicians’ perspective along with that of other stakeholders. It is critical that physicians be allowed to select from a broad range of EHR systems which add value to their practices and that the expectations placed on them are fair and reasonable. Point-and-click EHRs have an unacceptable impact on productivity and are typically not found usable by high-performance physicians. Placing a heavy data-collection burden on physicians will prevent successful adoption and negatively affect physician-patient relationships. There are alternative-model EHRs that produce the benefits sought by the government, while enhancing physician practices and helping to maintain, or increase, productivity. They provide physicians with tools to deliver better patient care, electronically prescribe, reduce medical errors, eliminate duplicate testing, share necessary data, report on outcomes, and reduce malpractice risk. Our practice is successfully using one such EHR and realizing all of the above benefits. *

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