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What do you think of the Tea Party crowd?

Posted 8 years.


  • Kate - 8 years ago

    I'm insulted that the Post's editorial was headed, "Ignore these protesters."

    The march on Washington was NOT merely to protest a health care bill. Look at the variety of signs & banners these marchers held - they are protesting several issues, all of which come under the one biggest gripe of all: This march was protesting huge government (which wants to grow even larger) and outrageous spending of tax moneys. They were protesting that all three branches have been overstepping their bounds for decades, and that, although they have sworn to protect & defend it, too many of our "leaders" blatantly disrespect the divinely-inspired U.S. Constitution. Granted, some of the zealots in the crowd went over-the-top by depicting Obama with a Hitler-style mustache, or as The Joker. But take a look at the videos available online, and notice how upbeat and determined most of the marchers were.

    Is it not an impressive event when somewhere between an estimated half a million and 2 million people marched on Washington? Not newsworthy enough? Or something one wishes to sweep under the rug. Maybe it'll go the ACORN scandal, er, scandals (plural).

  • Arleen - 8 years ago

    I am shocked that so many people DO NOT KNOW WHO IS BEHIND THIS! It's the insurance industry, the republicans, corporations, healthcare companies, etc., etc. "Fox News, Glenn Beck", & Dick Army from "Freedom Works" is doing the bidding of the INSURANCE COMPANIES.

    No wonder this country is 39th in healthcare in the WORLD, we have too many uneducated or overworked people. We are behind SLOVENIA in healthcare, these people are not checking on the truth, for 70 yrs. the insurance companies have been doing this, only now they have more money & power than ever before. Wake up America!

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